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On this page you can view our scheduled maintenance windows as well as any unscheduled downtime. Please refrain from opening a new ticket if your server is offline during a maintenance window. We try to post accurate up-to-date information as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to open a support ticket with our staff. Doing so however will not speed up the progress nor will it prioritize your services over others.


Location Incident Status Priority Scheduled
GB, London Maintenance
100% Complete
High 29th Sep 21:00 - 29th Sep 22:00 (More)1
  • Upgrading the network switch at the data center
GB, London Maintenance
100% Complete
High 11th Apr 22:00 - 12th Apr 01:00 (More)1
  • SSD Storage Expansion, node will be offline during the process of expanding the file system.
GB, London Maintenance
100% Complete
High 7th Mar 05:00 - 7th Mar 11:00 (More)1
  • Network firewall changes will be applied, expected downtime per service is around 5 seconds.
GB, London Maintenance
100% Complete
High 4th Mar 21:00 - 4th Mar 23:00 (More)3
  • Disk issues ip ranges: 193.0.15
  • Services will resume as data is moved to a new disk.
  • Issue has been resolved.
GB, London Maintenance
100% Complete
Low 18th Feb 11:30 - 18th Feb 12:30
GB, London Maintenance
100% Complete
High 15th Feb 15:30 - 16th Feb 20:30 (More)5
  • Move physical disks over to redundant N+2 iSCSI array.
  • Found multiple disks running very slow, indicating they are at the verge of death.
  • Emptied 2 of 3 physical disk out.
  • Recoverying the last few client files.
  • Have enabled services for clients, some data recovery is still in progress.
GB, London Maintenance
100% Complete
High 15th Feb 04:30 - 15th Feb 12:30 (More)5
  • Move iSCSI disks over to N+2 redundant system.
  • Migration has been completed
  • Full volume backups have been made
  • 2 Nodes are unresponsive to WOL.. Still investigating
  • Tech is onsite and physically booted the nodes back up.
US, Chicago Hardware Failure
100% Complete
High 4th Feb 12:00 - 9th Feb 14:00 (More)6
  • Switch started acting up, lots of package loss.
  • Restarting switch to see if it fixes the issue
  • Switch appears to be stuck at boot
  • New temporary switch arrived at 16:00 all services are back online
  • New switch arrived, install planned due later this morning
  • New switch installed and ready!
GB, London Maintenance
100% Complete
Medium 3rd Feb 22:30 - 3rd Feb 23:30 (More)3
  • Upgrade harddrives
  • Discovered issue with RAID controller
  • Upgraded firmware, restarted the SAN
US, New York Maintenance
100% Complete
Low 2nd Feb 10:30 - 2nd Feb 12:00 (More)3
  • Weekly connectivity tests
  • Updating DNS records
  • Updated server policies
GB, London Maintenance
100% Complete
Low 1st Feb 09:30 - 1st Feb 12:00 (More)1
  • Running weekly connectivity tests

Please note that times shown above may vary and that planned maintenance can be rescheduled or removed, all times are shown in GMT!

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